Shamanic Sessions

$125 for a 2-hour session

All sessions are preceded by a 15-minute free consultation by phone to discuss what issues you’d like to work on.

Sessions are held either in-person in Yarmouth, Maine or online via Skype or Facetime.

Sessions begin with a conversation about the question or issue you’d like to pose to Spirit. While you relax, Nancy will connect with Spirit through a drumming journey to gain insight on your question or issue. Once she has returned from the Spirit realm, Nancy will take a few minutes to write down your journey before discussing what it means for you, as well as how to integrate the message and healing into your life.

Spiritual Coaching

Nancy also offers ongoing spiritual coaching assistance for those interested in deepening their spiritual practice, as well as those who simply wish to have more spiritual guidance and magic in their lives.

All coaching packages are tailored to the interests and budget of the individual; please contact Nancy for more information.

Reiki Sessions

$75 for a 1-hour session

Nancy and I met over a phone conversation to discuss my goals for a journey session. She was clear, listened to all I had to say and helped keep me on track and focused when discussing my goals for the work ahead. Our session was life changing. I immediately felt restored and renewed as soon as it began. I was overcome with warmth and love. Working with her was one of the most beautiful and important experiences of my life. After the journey, Nancy clearly spoke about what she uncovered in a detailed and thoughtful way. I was amazed by her insights. She’s brought me real clarity and helped me stay on course with what my purpose is right now. I’m forever grateful to her.
— Mary, Client
I would say that Nancy is a regular person, not set above or apart from you and me, and what she can offer is insight into a question or issue my friend needs help with. The experience is peaceful, Nancy listens, then journeys on your behalf, and comes back with an experience that she offers to you. She welcomes dialogue. She is not attached to your acceptance of the messages - they are yours to digest over time. She is the loving and supportive messenger.
— Libby, Client