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Find Your Soul’s Purpose
by Aligning with Spirit

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With deep, empathic listening and a calm, warm presence, Nancy creates a safe space for you to go deeper into yourself to connect with Spirit. In this connection, you can find self-acceptance and gain clarity about your life's purpose.



Nancy is attentive to the subtleties that elude most shamanic practitioners. She has a keen sense of hearing the illusive nature of a client’s messaging or concerns and has complete trust in her helping spirits to create the needed and harmonious healing that is in the client’s highest good.
— Dory Cote, Shamanic Healer
Nancy has a genuineness, and her experience with the wisdom that comes from shamanic journeying has been useful and relevant in her own life, and she communicates that trust-worthiness instinctively.
— Libby, Client
Nancy is so gentle, thoughtful, calm, and truly listens throughout your journey with her. She is the humble but powerful spiritual leader I was always looking for but never found. I’m forever grateful to her for the clarity and insights she’s helped me find.
— Mary, Client
With just two sessions my sense of direction in this life has become more clearly focused. My ability to allow room for all of the slings and arrows has increased as well. And in our second session, a pain which I had not mentioned to Nancy, but had been experiencing for two weeks, was completely gone immediately after she finished consulting Spirit.
— Karl, Client
Nancy is a deeply spiritual and powerful person. Her greatest joy is to help others. She is able to make deep connections quickly with humans and animals. She has boundless positive energy.
— Anonymous, Client
I have referred several people to Nancy, telling them that she’s “the real deal.” She brings a steady, reassuring presence. She is a good listener, and has a gift for this very magical, spiritual work.
— Bethany, Client
Nancy helps transport her clients to another realm of consciousness. She’s a conduit between earth and spirit, a guide, a healer, a teacher, an adventurer, an intuitive set of hands offering spiritual enlightenment and whole body alignment. Her energy radiates outward like a bubbling stream, or simmering campfire coals....neither too jarring, cold or rapid, or too blazing hot and blinding. She’s cool when you need quenching and enveloping when you need warmth.
— Talie, Client